Shoplyfter – Melody Marks – Case No. 7906283 – School Project Thief


Shoplyfter – Melody Marks – Case No. 7906283 – School Project Thief
Melody is a fairly innocent schoolgirl who just wants to do well and go far in life. When she needs a camera for a school project but is short on cash, she opts to steal one from the store. But given thievery is not Melody’s strong suit, loss prevention officers catch her before she can make her escape. She now sits in the back office, nervous and afraid of how this will affect her permanent records and chances of advancing in life. Officer Jack confronts her, and Melody swears her innocence. She hides the stolen camera in a file cabinet while alone in the room. Little does she know that the office also has security cameras, and Jack sees her attempt to ditch the evidence of her crime. Jack is even more suspicious of Melody and explains he must do a strip search. Melody is floored – she can’t believe she has to strip naked in front of a stranger. Still, she doesn’t want to get in more trouble, so she does what he says. Getting naked is a little exciting, although she knows it shouldn’t be. Jack rubs her tits and body. Was this part of the search, too? Melody is starting to feel a bit turned on by the scenario, but she has to play coy. She wondered if this was the first time Jack had brought a girl back here to “search” them, and the thought excited her a little more. When Jack can’t find any more stolen goods, he strikes up a deal with the gorgeous young thief. If she wants to leave the store without repercussions, she’ll play around with him a little – make him feel like a man. She knew she must oblige his request to protect her reputation, and deep down, Melody was excited about this power dynamic she was now in. She hadn’t been with a ton of guys before this, so being in a submissive position, doing whatever it took to maintain her innocence

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