Shoplyfter – Laney Grey – Case No. 7906290 – The Virgin Thief


Shoplyfter – Laney Grey – Case No. 7906290 – The Virgin Thief
Released: March 16, 2024
Laney is one of the few girls in her class who’s still a virgin. She desperately craves for her first time, and now, her crush finally stepped up to fuck her, but he hasn’t got a condom. Eager to do it, Laney and the boy steal expensive condoms from the mall, but Laney gets caught red-handed by Officer Feels while her crush runs away. The girl is mad because she was abandoned, she didn’t get laid, and the security guard found the stolen merch. She now faces a thorough cavity search, with Ken feeling every inch of her body with his cold hands. After fingering her pussy, the officer strikes a deal with her: he can let her go if she plays with his cock a little bit. Laney will finally get the chance to have sex, even if it is with someone else, and the best part is that she might not even need a condom at all.

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