Shoplyfter – Whitney Wright – Case No. 7906287 – Glory Hole Thief


Shoplyfter – Whitney Wright – Case No. 7906287 – Glory Hole Thief
Whitney is no stranger when it comes to troublemaking. The rowdy teen babe has had her fair share of risque encounters, and she has no intentions of slowing down her sex-crazed lifestyle. Whitney recalls her sessions at Perv Therapy or when she messed around with her friend’s stepdad. These moments stand proud as some of her life’s most daring and exhilarating times. There is nothing more that Whitney enjoys than a good fucking. Her desire for cock rules the various aspects of her life, and she’s always on the lookout for the next good time. This good time comes when Whitney shoplifts, and loss prevention officer Will catches her. Will brings Whitney to the back office for interrogation, where he attempts to get a confession from her. Whitney does confess, but Will needs to conduct a more thorough search anyway, as he knows there is something more to Whitney’s story. It turns out she was shoplifting and damaged store property in the restroom. A glory hole in the restroom seems to reappear no matter how often they patch it. Will knows for a fact that Whitney was in the bathroom sucking off a stranger. Now, he wants a little bit of fun and wants to see Whitney’s sexual ambition at play. Will caresses Whitney’s pussy with his finger, tantalizing her so she begins to get wet. Will knows Whitney’s type, as he’s dealt with shoplifters for a long time. He knows full well that Whitney is the kind of chick who is always looking for someone to fuck.

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